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Coming Up on the Dave Nemo Show
Posted on May 26, 2015

FRIDAY, 5/22

8:35 AM Eastern: OOIDA's Rod Nofzinger rounds up the events of the week in D.C. that affect trucking on "Washington Trucking Week.

9:05 AM Eastern: Matt Hart of the Illinois Trucking Association discusses the organization’s background and latest initiatives on "The State of Trucking."

9:35 AM Eastern: Jim Park, award winning trucking journalist and technical adviser to OBAC, brings important issues to the table and talks trucking from a Canadian’s point of view on the Friday Edition of "Canada Calling."

10:05 AM Eastern: A talk with TA/Petro’s Citizen Driver Robert Fernald.




Dave Nemo Weekends:

How do you save money on the road? From fuel programs, to shopping insurance, to cooking out on the road, Jamie Lynn and Rooster want to know what you do to pinch your pennies to help build your nest egg.


SUNDAY, 5/24

Dave Nemo Weekends:

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done with your truck? Have you participated in truck drag races? Gone off-roading? Tell Jamie Lynn, Rooster and your fellow Road Dogs how you’ve pushed your truck to the limits.


MONDAY, 5/25

8:05 AM Eastern: A Memorial Day discussion with William Doyle, author of Navy SEALs: Their Untold Story.

9:05 AM Eastern: It’s Joanne Ritchie with the latest news and views from OBAC on "Canada Calling."

10:05 AM Eastern: Rick Gobbell and David Owen discuss regulations on "Safety, Compliance, and Common Sense."




10:05 AM Eastern: Robert Braswell, Technical Director of the Technology & Maintenance Council, and Al Cohn talk tires on "Tech Talk with TMC"






Regular Features on The Dave Nemo Show:

Regular Features on The Dave Nemo Show:

"Canada Calling" --Every Monday at 9:06am Eastern

Joanne Ritchie with news and views from Canada's leading Truck Owner/Operator group, OBAC.



"Safety, Compliance and Common Sense" --Every other Monday at 10:06am Eastern

Transportation Safety consultant Rick Gobbell and NASTC's David Owen talk with listeners about compliance and safety issues. (Open phones)



Women in Trucking ¢®¡×C Third Monday at 8:06am Eastern

Women in Trucking President/CEO Ellen Voie brings special guests to discuss issues that affect women and the trucking industry as a whole, and highlight efforts and advancements being made to make trucking more female-friendly.



"Tech Talk With TMC" --Every Tuesday at 10:06am Eastern

Industry leaders discuss the latest in maintenance, technology and design. (Open phones)



"Coffee With The Doc" --Tuesdays TBD at 8:06am Eastern

Dr. John McElligott, along with other leading physicians, shares advice on drivers' health and wellness. (Open phones)



Truckers Against Trafficking --Second Tuesday at 9:06am Eastern

Kendis Paris, TAT National Director, brings special guests to promote awareness of human trafficking to members of the trucking community, who are in a unique position to recognize and report it.



"The Business Of Trucking" --Every other Wednesday at 8:06am Eastern

CPA John Turner talks with listeners about taxes, finances and everything business. (Open phones)



"Load 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out" --First and Third Wednesday at 9:06am Eastern

Industry leaders from the Truckload Carriers Association share news and insights about this most important segment of trucking.



"Trucking America" --Second and Fourth Wednesdays at 9:06am Eastern

Elisabeth Barna, ATA Vice President of Strategic Planning and Outreach, covers hot topics surrounding the trucking industry and issues concerning industry image.



"ATRI on the Air" --Every other Thursday at 9:06am Eastern

The American Transportation Research Institute talks about its latest research findings. (Open phones)



"Maintenance Matters" --First and Third Thursdays at 8:06am Eastern

T/A Maintenance Advisor Homer Hogg provides solutions so you can get the most out of your truck. (Open phones) 



"Transport Tidbits" ¢®¡×C First Thursday at 10:06am Eastern

Delcan Senior Business Analyst and supply chain/logistics expert Rosalyn Wilson discusses freight and truck industry trends for the month and talk about freight supply chain topics and their impact on the trucking sector.



"FMCSA Hotline" --Second Thursday at 10:06am Eastern

Leaders from FMCSA talk one-on-one with listeners about rules and regulations in the WWT (Wonderful World of Trucking). (Open phones)



"Washington Trucking Week" --Every Friday at 8:35am Eastern

Rod Nofziger, OOIDA Chief of Staff/Special Assistant to the President, rounds up the events of the week in D.C. that affect trucking.



"Canada Calling Friday Edition" --Every Friday at 9:06am Eastern

Jim Park, award winning trucking journalist and technical advisor to OBAC, talks trucking from a Canadian's point of view.



"Trucking 101" --Fourth Friday at 10:06 am Eastern

Trucking industry veteran and logistics/supply chain instructor Doug McElhaney discusses how trucking works and gives information needed to give the trucker a head start.



"Our American President" --Monthly, weekday and time TBD

Researchers and historians explore the lives, decisions, and legacies of former U. S. Presidents.



"Heaven's Road Morning Devotion" --Every Sunday at 7:15am Eastern

Chaplin Joe Hunter of Truckstop Ministries brings the Gospel and a bit of inspiration to the drivers.



"Think Tank" -- TBD at 10:06am Eastern

Navigate the waters of critical thinking with experts discussing all aspects of the human experience, from technology and politics to the arts, economy, and contemporary thinking.

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