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I am from a small town in New Mexico where I lived until I was 15 years old. At that time I moved to Nashville, TN and finished up my schooling here. I have always had an interest in music. I remember even as a young child knowing and singing songs I heard on the radio. Shortly after moving to Nashville, I found my love for long road trips.

I can still remember the moment I decided I was interested in trucking life. My cousin came to TN and picked me up to drive me
back home to NM for the summer. During this adventure my interest peaked about "Life on the Road." We drove 1,200 miles stopping every once in awhile at truck stops and CB repair shops. We drove straight through the day and night with the radio blasting out classic country hits with the CB just a hint louder so we "could know where the bears and gators were". The windows open so we could breath in the fresh air (I was not too happy about that part when night fell and it got cold)!

When we finally reached my home in NM (18 hours after our trip began) I was hooked! I loved everything about driving cross country, you can still find me taking random road trips cross country and stopping to enjoy local hospitality in small town across the United States. I owe my love of music and long haul trips to my family. They are a great bunch of people and I'm lucky to have such a wonderful support system.

I do understand the hardships of life on the road. Although I have never driven for a living my step father did and I remember how hard it was not having him home all the time. But I also remember how special the time was when he was home.

Not to completely change the subject but I also do a bit of photography. I have done several photo shoots of big rigs some of which can be seen on past Fikes Truck Line calendars, Pride and Polish Trucks and also on Joey Holiday's "Trick My Truck" cd cover.

I am proud to be able to use all my talents to help serve the trucking industry. Whether it be my photographic skills or my great talent for answering phones.
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